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Palace of Nestor

The so-called Palace of Nestor (Greek: Ἀνάκτορον τοῦ Νέστορος) is the primary structure within a larger Late Helladic era settlement, likely once surrounded by a fortified wall. The palace, widely identified with that of Mycenaean-era Pylos, was a two-storey building with store rooms, workshops, baths, light wells, reception rooms and a sewage system. The site is the best preserved Mycenaean Greek palace discovered.
During excavation in 1939 around 1,000 Linear B tablets were identified.
The settlement had been long occupied with most artefacts discovered dating from 1300 BCE. The palace complex was destroyed by fire around 1200 BCE.
Closed for Renovation. As at May 2013 the site was closed for renovation. The 1960s roof over the site is being replaced by a modern structure. It may re-open at the end of 2014.

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