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One of the winter resorts of Corinthia. On your way here, you will come across a variety of landscapes. Trikala is separated into three sections: Kato, Mesi and Ano. Its section has a beautiful square surrounded by picturesque taverns and coffee shops. Trikala is 67km to the west of Corinth. 10 km from Trikala you will find the sports ski center Zireia, in one of the largest mountains in Greece, on Mount Cyllene (Zireia) . The scenery is beautiful and the area is protected because of its rare flora. Many events and activities are organized there, such as, music festivals, hiking, camping, tours to the cave of Hermes and many more.


Kalavryta is one of the most popular destinations in the Peloponnese.
Kalavryta is a town with large number of springs. It has a picturesque square, and stone-paved streets. The town is located right of the river Vouraikos. The Cog Railway will take you through a wonderful trip, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the unique attractions of the area, the Mega Spilaion, the Church of Agia Lavra and the Vouraikos Gorge. Also, in the Mount Chelmos at 2.340m altitude. operates the Kalavryta ski resort, which is the second largest in Greece and attracts many visitors every year.


An impressive element of the town is the respect shown to the architecture of houses. Stone pavings and stone houses with tiled roofs and wooden balconies make up the image of the traditional village.

Dimitsana attracts many visitors every year, it is an ideal place for peaceful holidays in the nature, offering unique sightseeings and many sport activities, like trekking, rafting in Lousios and many more.


An ideal place all year long. The landscape consists of stone houses, and narrow paths, firs, cool air, and springs. Among them, beautiful cottages make their appearance, as do verdant lands ideal for walks.
Besides, fine wooden-carved objects are displayed in shop windows, whereas one will also admire the fine wooden-carved templons iconostases in the region's churches. At a distance of 14 km from Vytina you will find the Mainalo ski center.


A large mountainous village at the northern part of the prefecture of Arcadia at a height of 800m. It is a beautiful village set in a wonderful landscape. Levidi is the hometown of the politician and reformer Alexandros Papanastasiou. It is 25km from Tripoli. It has a population of over 1,000 and belongs to the providence of Martineia.


This picturesque village lies on a mountain at 1,150m high, it is surrounded by apple trees, walnuts, aspens, and firs. The people of Valtessiniko are warm, hospitable and plain.


Between two slopes of Mainalos, in the heart of Gortynia and in the midst of a verdant landscape, at a height of 1,100m, It is one of the most popular villages in Arcadia. Old houses, Byzantine churches, picturesque coffee shops and taverns will leave you with the most beautiful holiday memories.


The byzantine fortified town of Mystras reflects the 14th and 15th century Byzantium. The mysterious and majestic Peloponnesian landscape with its wonderfully decorated churches still has the power to inspire awe to visitors after all these centuries. The Frankish castle dated to 1249 has been restored from time to time by the despots of Mystras and Turks. Next to Mystras, Neos Mystras has been established, a modern community consisting of four settlements: Skalviki, Pikouliana, Taygeti, and Vlachochori. It was established next to the Byzantine fortified town thanks to the large number of tourists. It is only 5km from Sparta.