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A large mountainous village at the northern part of the prefecture of Arcadia at a height of 800m. It is a beautiful village set in a wonderful landscape. Levidi is the hometown of the politician and reformer Alexandros Papanastasiou. It is 25km from Tripoli. It has a population of over 1,000 and belongs to the providence of Martineia.


This picturesque village lies on a mountain at 1,150m high, it is surrounded by apple trees, walnuts, aspens, and firs. The people of Valtessiniko are warm, hospitable and plain.


Megalopoli is set in the heart of a fertile valley and is the seat of the Municipality bearing its name, and the capital of the province. In antiquity, this was the location of the ancient Megali Poli established shortly after the victory of the general Epaminondas from Thebes over Spartans in Lefktra (371BC). The town soon became the largest one in Arcadia. However, the Spartans ruined it in 222BC. Megalopolis is 74km from Tripoli and has a population of approximately 5,000.

Paralia Tyrou

A seaside settlement with a vast pebble beach developing to a holiday centre. The area's name has been passed down from antiquity and tradition has it that it seems from the fact that Apollo Tyrites, the protector of milk and cheese, was worshipped here since this was his hometown. Paralia lies 75km to the northeast of Tripolis.