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Nafplio was the first capital of modern Greece, and is currently the capital of the prefecture of Argolida. It is situated 174km from Athens if one takes the Old Corinth-Nafplio National Road, and 160km if one takes the new Corinth-Tripolis National Road and the detour into Nafplio through Argos. Nafplio and the prefecture of Argolida are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece with approximately 1.5 million visitors annually.
The town with its three castles, medieval and neoclassical buildings, stone pavings, and bougainvilleas cascading down internal courtyards invites us to explore its beautiful corners telling its history at each step.

Worth to see, Palamidi, Akronafplia, Bourtzi, Saint Spyridon Church, Saint George Church, Saint Nicholas Church, Church of Birth of Virgin Mary, The Lion of Bavaria, Syntagma Square, The Land Gate, Αrchaeological Μuseum, War Museum, Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation and the Rail Station.

It is also a wonderful destination to enjoy the Greek sea, offering crystal clear waters and very clean beaches.


Asini is a modern village on the foothills of the mountain overlooking the Nafplio plain. It is economically developed, and it has a considerable agricultural production, mostly citrus.
It is located 8km from Nafplio and 1.5km from Lefkakia, an outskirt of Nafplio it is currently Municipality consisting of Asini, Tolo, Drepano, Tria, and Karnazeika. Worth to see the Ancient Asini, for swimming you can go to the beaches of Plaka, Vivari, Kandia and Tolo.


Tolo is one of the most popular tourist villages in the Peloponnese with a large sandy beach, the perfect choice for all the kind of holidays, it combines the fresh air with the crystal blue sea, and first class accommodation in affordable prices. It is found 12km to the north of Nafplio and occupies the narrow end of a beautiful bay guarded by two islets.


Drepano is a beautiful traditional village having a beach with crystal clear water ideal for family vacations, as well as sea sports. The fact that it is found at a small distance from historic Nafplio, the cosmopolitan Tolo, the famous port of Vivari and the Argolida antiquities, makes Drepano a tourist destination welcoming hundreds of visitors each summer. Worth to see the ruins of the Venetian castle, you can go for swim to the beaches of Plaka, Vivari, Kandia and Tolo.


A seaside settlement found at the southernmost part of the prefecture of Argolida having regular links to the islands of Spetses and Hydra. It has a vast and beautiful beach, and it shows high tourist traffic mostly during the summer. It is located 89km from Nafplio and 12km from Kranidi.


Kranidi is situated on the hill of Aghia Anna, 77km to the southeast of Nafplio. This rural town is the capital of the province of Ermionida, and has a population of 5,000. Its local colour is vivid and it has neoclassical buildings contrasting the region's wild landscape.


A Mediterranean village lying 63km from Nafplio and 12km from Kranidi. Land subsidence occured at the foothills of the mountains and generated a fault, which is a remarkable geological phenomenon.


The largest city in the prefecture of Argolida (47,000 inhabitants) situated 12km to the north of Nafplio. It is built right above the ancient town of Argos.
It is currently a developed industrial, commercial, and agricultural centre with agro-food, metalworking, and textile processing industries. It is also one of the prefecture's road hubs.
A number of neoclassical buildings, the neoclassical market, and the barracks built under Capodistrias are still found in the town.

Worth to see, The Theatre, The Conservatory, The ruins of the temple of Aphrodite, The Iraio and the Archaeological Museum.


The ancient town, the sanctuary of Asklepios, the famous theatre of Polykleitos, and the small theatre are the jewels of the Epidaurus area, which is a verdant, fertile, and sacred valley full of legends and history. Epidaurus is well-known worldwide, mostly due to the theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, and it combines significant cultural events every summer with pleasant stay and holidays. The seaside settlement of Ancient Epidaurus lies 39km from Nafplio and is a Municipality. The Theatre and the archaeological site are found in a woody area 29km from Nafplio.


Ermioni is a gorgeous town situated at the southeastern end of the Argolida prefecture. ''The state born from the sea'' has a rich mythological and historical background with temples, ancient and Byzantine castles which have, unfortunately, disappeared over the centuries. However, time has been good to it, and it maintained its picturesque character, whereas its tourism also developed considerably. It is found 84km to the southest Nafplio. Worth to see, the few remains of the ancient city. You can swim in the sandy beach of the settlement or in any of the surrounding beaches. Ermioni also offered as a starting point for day trips.