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Arcadia Prefecture Destinations: Tripoli, Astros, Dimitsana, Karytaina, Kosmas, Lagkadia, Leonidio, Levidi, Megalopoli, Paralia Tyrou, Stemnitsa, Valtessiniko, Vytina, Xiropigado

Arcadia is hospitable and has unexpected gifts, whereas it remains a virgin and attractive territory all year long.
Starting from the historical villages of mountainous Arcadia, and going down to the tourist seaside areas, this prefecture combines history with natural beauty. Together with neighboring Argolida, this is the land that gave birth to the Aeolian tribe of Aeolian Arcadians who literally dominated Greece, and most of the ancient world. Monuments and sites untouched by time such as the Tegea, Karytaina, Orchomenos, Mantineia, and Megali Poli antiquities, the maritime centre of Leonidio, the towns of Tripoli and Megalopoli, as well as the tourist resorts of Vytina, Drimitsana, and seaside Astros attest to the history Arcadia.