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It is a large seaside town, the last harbour of Laconia, and the southernmost town of mainland Greece. It is 132km from Sparta, and is reputed for ouzo taverns and fish dishes. Its harbour is linked to Elafonisos and Kythera.


Sparta is among the most significant cities of southern Peloponnese. It is the capital of both the prefecture of Laconia, and the province of Lacedaemon. It is a rather new city, it was established in 1834. Sparta is located below the majestic tops of mount Taygetos and at the northern part of river Evrotas. Its urban planning is very good. The prefectures' largest part of ctus and oil production is concentrated in the areas of Sparta and Gytheion ran by Evrotas. Sparta is 225km from Athens.


The ancient town, the sanctuary of Asklepios, the famous theatre of Polykleitos, and the small theatre are the jewels of the Epidaurus area, which is a verdant, fertile, and sacred valley full of legends and history. Epidaurus is well-known worldwide, mostly due to the theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, and it combines significant cultural events every summer with pleasant stay and holidays. The seaside settlement of Ancient Epidaurus lies 39km from Nafplio and is a Municipality. The Theatre and the archaeological site are found in a woody area 29km from Nafplio.


Ermioni is a gorgeous town situated at the southeastern end of the Argolida prefecture. ''The state born from the sea'' has a rich mythological and historical background with temples, ancient and Byzantine castles which have, unfortunately, disappeared over the centuries. However, time has been good to it, and it maintained its picturesque character, whereas its tourism also developed considerably. It is found 84km to the southest Nafplio. Worth to see, the few remains of the ancient city. You can swim in the sandy beach of the settlement or in any of the surrounding beaches. Ermioni also offered as a starting point for day trips.


Corinthos linking the Peloponnese with mainland Greece. Corinth is 86km from Athens, and it was a major town having its share in developments in Greece in the antiquity. It currently is among the most important Greek cities and a major transportation hub of the Peloponnese. Its large sea front is one of the city's most beautiful sites.


It is a listed settlement, a beautiful harbour in the entrance of Mani, which is special thanks to the particularity of the landscape and the architecture of Mani.
Its inhabitants are tough, independent, and harsh, and built their houses like small forts in such a way as to totally protect themselves from invaders. It was named after the ancient god of war, Ares who also represents honour and bravery in which the inhabitants of Mani take place. It is 72km from Sparta, it belongs to the province of Gytheio, and has a population of approximately 1,000. It is one of the few regions in Greece that was free most of the time thanks to the temperament of its inhabitants, whereas it had a leading role in the war of independence.

Loutra of Kyllini

This is in an area dominated by the beautiful large beach and a forest of pine and eucalyptus trees. It has been reputed for the waters of its seven springs which can be miraculous for asthma, other breathing disorders, and rheumatisms since antiquity. The region is rather developed, and is located 41km to the northwest of Pyrgos.

Porto Heli

A well-known tourist resort of Argolida. Caiques, small and large sailing vessels, yachts, fish taverns with octopuses hanging out in the sun, people going back and forth or bathing, and the blue sea make up Porto Cheli in the summer. Porto Cheli is found 84km to the southeast of Nafplio. You can go for swim to the beach of the village, as well as the beaches, Costa, Chinitsa, the lagoon Berberonta and Korakia. There are also many coves in which you can reach by boat. Porto Heli offers many water sports such as, water skiing, slalom, parachute, wind surfing, sailing, jet skiing, and scuba diving. In Porto Heli, you have the opportunity to travel via ferries to the destinations, Hydra, Spetses, Poros , Nafplion , Epidaurus , Mycenae, Cave of Dyros , Monemvasia and Mystras.


Kyparissia is the capital of the province of Triphyllia. It is situated on the foothills of mountain Psychros, and it lies on the northwestern part of the prefecture of Messinia. It reaches the coast, and it is divided in Ano kai Kato Poli. Ano Poli is a traditional listed settlement highlighting its strong personality with cobblestone pavements, half-ruined mansions, the majestic castle, and its variety of legends. It is the rural and commercial hub of Triphyllia, and its market is very good. It has a long-age history in line with that of Peloponnese.


It is a seaside town located 61km to the southwest of Kalamata, situated on the foothills of mount Aghios Nikolaos. it was one of the most well-known harbours in Antiquity.