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Opposite, a little farther from the city of Corinth, stands the imposing hill Acrocorinth.
On top, height 575 m is the ancient citadel of Corinth. It is one of the largest and oldest castles in the Peloponnese in a charming location to the sea and Attica. The access is from the Ancient Corinth.

Ancient Corinth

The ruins of Ancient Corinth is an important archaeological site which gave significant findings during the excavations.
The ancient city is located 9 km southwest of Corinth, under the hill of Acrocorinth, where was the citadel, and had sight of the Acropolis in Athens.


41km to the northwest of Corinth is Nemea, which is currently known as one of the major wine producing areas in Greece. Nemea is known in mythology due to the victory of Hercules over a terrible lion that terrified the people in the area. Nemea started once the vine harvest was over and the crops were distributed. It included races and initation rituals respected nationwide in the honour of the goddess Nemesis, who was the protectress of this land. One of the high-level initation rituals was the ''purification fastening'', both biological and spiritual, which required the consumption of grapes for a whole month.