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It is 82km from Sparta. It is referred in Homer's Epics and exavacations brought to light signs of the ancient town's fortification, and other interesting findings. The modern village, the economy of which relies on fishing and tourism, lies on a hill. Its harbour, Neo Oitylo borders Limeni, the harbour of Areopolis, and has a wonderful sandy beach.

Porto Cayo

Porto Cayo is the last harbor of eastern Mani. located in a small bay, 3 miles north of Cape Tenaro, and is the southernmost natural harbor of the mainland Greece.
The port is smaller than one square kilometer, and the inlet opening has a length of 220m.
It is one of the most important ports of Mani, which was used as a natural anchorage.


The ancient naval base of Minoans became one of the most important Peloponnese castles in the Middle Ages. Stone houses, mansions, and Byzantine churches still inspire Greeks and foreigners. The difference is that most houses hanging from steep rocks overlooking the Myrtoon Sea have tuned into hospitable taverns and cosmopolitan bars. The rock of Monemvasia is 95km from Sparta, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Peloponnese.


Geraki is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Geronthai, to the east of Amykles. This town has already been inhabited in the Prehistoric era, and relics dating to the Bronze Age have been recovered here. It currently has a population of approximately 2,000, and it is a traditional settlement. It is 40km to the northeast of Sparta, and the carpets handwoven on looms by the town's women are reputed. The rugs of Gerani are the key element of traditional interior decoration, and are impressive thanks to their technique and unparallel patterns.


It is a picturesque village with three beautiful beaches, 120km to the southeast of Sparta. It is ideal for quiet holidays. Whereas two settlements are found by the sea in front of two beaches with white pebbles and crystal waters.


Is the largest city in Mani. The town's architecture and style features the typical sea air of Greek landscapes, as well as that of Greek islands. Its large beach with ouzo taverns and fish taverns, where octopuses are hang out in the sun and caiques continuously sail, as well as amphitheatrically built houses, make up the picturesque image. Gytheio is still a major harbour exporting regional products.


It is a large seaside town, the last harbour of Laconia, and the southernmost town of mainland Greece. It is 132km from Sparta, and is reputed for ouzo taverns and fish dishes. Its harbour is linked to Elafonisos and Kythera.


The largest seaside village of eastern Mani reputed not only for its wonderful beaches, but also for its traditional architecture. It lies on the narrow end of a peaceful cove protecting it from northern winds. It has number of small sandy and pebble harbours. It is 87km to the south of Sparta and 41km to the south of Gytheion.


Sparta is among the most significant cities of southern Peloponnese. It is the capital of both the prefecture of Laconia, and the province of Lacedaemon. It is a rather new city, it was established in 1834. Sparta is located below the majestic tops of mount Taygetos and at the northern part of river Evrotas. Its urban planning is very good. The prefectures' largest part of ctus and oil production is concentrated in the areas of Sparta and Gytheion ran by Evrotas. Sparta is 225km from Athens.