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Pyrgos is the capital of the prefecture of Ilia. It is the most significant production centre in Greece, whereas the production of other farming products is also highly developed, this making Pyrgos the centre of economic life for the northwestern Peloponnese. In addition to the prosperity of Pyrgos, the area has significant cultural sites.


Amaliada lies 10km to the northeast of Gastouni and about 22km from Pyrgos, the fertile valley surrounding it mostly produces raisins, olives, potatoes, and citrus fruits. Its inhabitants are engaged in farming and trade. The town was built under the region of Othon, and was named after queen Amalia. You can go for swimming in the very popular beach of Kourouta among other beautiful beaches in the surounding area!


The village of Olympia is at a small distance from the archaeological site, 19km from Pyrgos. To get to the archaeological site of Olympia, one of the most significant in Greece and worldwide, cross the fertile valley of Ilia. The sanctuary of Olympia is in a valley against the background of the verdant slopes of Kronios hill and the River Alpheios, its peaceful atmosphere.


A mountainous village of great historical background, 54km to the southeast of Pyrgos, Figaleia was established by Figalus, it was taken over by Spartans in 653BC. Figaleia was set free of the Lacedaemonian rule, and recovered its freedom. Relics of the ancient town's walls are found between the olive and orange trees of Figaleia. However, the most significant site in the region is the temple of Apollo Epikourios.


Killini, and medieval Glarentza, Klarentza or Klarentia are to the north of Pyrgos. In the Middle Ages this was the seat of Duke bearing its name, this title was usually given to the eldest son of the Frankish ruler of Achaia. It is currently the most important port linking the Peloponnese with Zakynthos and, in the summer, with Cephalonia as well.

Loutra of Kyllini

This is in an area dominated by the beautiful large beach and a forest of pine and eucalyptus trees. It has been reputed for the waters of its seven springs which can be miraculous for asthma, other breathing disorders, and rheumatisms since antiquity. The region is rather developed, and is located 41km to the northwest of Pyrgos.


Andritsaina is found in the province of Olympia. The road leading to the area will give you an idea of the town's particular attractions. Houses are made of stone and tiles in complete harmony with the verdant slope. Andritsaina is rich in vegetation and springs.