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It is a seaside village 45km from Kalamata having a strong tourist development thanks to its spectacular sandy beaches.


Kardamili is a charming area, and its historical background includes its name passed down from era of Homer. It belongs to the small state of Mani of Messinia. It was a significant town in Antiquity. It is 37km from Kalamata.

Pylos (Navarone)

It is an amphitheatrically built picturesque and charming town, it is located on the southern extremity of the Navarone bay. When one looks at Pylos from the harbour, it gives out the impression of being a small island. The central square with its coffee shops is in the shadow of huge age-long platans. The town's proud castle, Neokastro, dominates the west side. The harbour's entrance, which is one of the most secure natural harbours, is guarded by the historical island of Sfakteria.


It is a picturesque town, amphitheatrically situated on a hillside. In the past, it has been one of the most significant commercial and maritime Venetian centres of the Orient. Its medieval character is reflected on its old mansions, low houses, and narrow paths going uphill, its churches and its famous Venetian castle, It is 50km from Kalamata.


The prefecture's capital and harbour is the lady of the Messiniakos Bay referred to in a large numbers of songs, Kalamata. It is known ''kalamatianos'' dance, mature black olives and tasty oil, figs that taste like honey, and pasteli (traditional pastry). It is a modern town with good infrastructure, squares decorated with flowers, and its marketplace offers everything to its inhabitants, as well as its visitors.

Agios Andreas

It is a seaside resort, the harbour of Logga, it is 38km from Kalamata, and it has a Messiniakos bay coastline with clear blue waters.


Petalidi together with Nea Koroni, Vounaria, Charokopia, Chronoi, and Aghios Andreas are the seaside fishing villages of eastern Pyia found by the green blue waters of the Messiniakos bay against the background of Taygetos. Petalidi is built on the site of the Homeric town of Aepeia, and it is 26km to the northwest of Kalamata.


It is a picturesque fishing village of which a wonderful beach is lying, one of the best in Peloponnese. Along the beach, one finds caiques and boats giving a particular local color to the village. It is 68km from Kalamata.


It is a modern town lying on the right bank of river Pamissos. It has excellent tourist infrastructure, and is linked to mainland Greece by road and plane. A large park of phoenixes is found downtown also park of phoenixes is found downtown also hosting a luxurious cafe, and a strinking computer-controlled fountain, which is a spectacular sight. What is also striking is the town's white clock.