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It is a beautiful village with stone houses and fine courtyards, which was once the seat of a Frankish barony. The Chalandritsa churches on the bell towers of which Frankish influence is apparent, are striking. The 1928 excavations in the region, and, particularly, in western Achaia, brought to light Mycenaean-era tombs. Chalandritsa is 22km from Patras.


It is a beautiful small village with lovely beach. Perhaps, this is one of the most picturesque tourist resorts of the Corinthiakos bay. It is 17km from Patras.


Rio is found 9 km from Patras. It is a transit hub between the Peloponnese and mainland Greece. In antiquity, it was called ''Rion to Achaicon''.


It is a seaside village on the plain of Araxos cape, where tourism is developed. It is 32km from Patras.