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This reputed town combines sea, valley, and traditions. Mansions with courtyards, gardens surrounded by high fences, houses with symmetrically dyed windows and skylights, decorated courtyard doors, fine chimneys, and red tiled roofs make up the town. A visit to one of the mansions with the wooden floors and carved ceilings is certainly worthwile. The more walks around Leonidio, the more they feel they crossing picturesque town, where tradition comes to life at every step. This is the capital of Kynouria (Tsakonia) and the elderly still remember and speak the Tsakonese dialect.


Astros is known from the 2nd Greek National Assembly that took place in April 1823. It has a population of over 2,000 and is 45km from Tripoli on the coast of the province of Kynouria. Its harbour is Paralio Astros.

The harbour of Astros climbs up a verdant hill, and it has developed to a tourist centre in recent years. The strong smell of roasted octopus will lead you to one of the picturesque taverns in the fishing harbour, whereas the blue sea will invite you for a swim.


Tripolis stands in the centre of a verdant highland at a height of 650m, and is the prefecture capital. it lies in the heart of Peloponnese. The Army and Air force Training Centres situated only a few km from the town contribute to the town's night life and add up to the young population. Arcadia is often covered by snow in the winter.
During the Turkish occupation, it was a major military and command centre. In 1770, it became the seat of the pasha of Moreas. On September 23, 1821 it was taken over by the Greeks led by Theodoros Kolokotronis. The insistence of Kolokotronis on the battle of Tripoli is well-known in history, and it is symbolised by the famous statue of Nafplion with one hand pointing persistently to Tripolis.


Lagkadia is the hometown of a number of fighters of the 1821 Greek War of Independence, such as the family of Deligiannis and Theophilopoulos.
It is also the hometown of craftsmen and builders whose reputation made it as far as Spetses, Hydra, and Ermionida, where the locals invited them to built their houses. It does not come as a surprise that these masters decorated their village with particular care and art, since at the time it was their means of advertisement.
Even today, the people of Lagkadia are reputed for their art and still make from stone-maved decorative mosaics to Byzantine roofs. Lagkadia are 63km to the northwest of Tripoli.


A seaside picturesque village at a short distance from Astros with crystal clear beach. It welcomes a number of visitors, residents of Argos and the surrounding mountainous villages.


An impressive element of the town is the respect shown to the architecture of houses. Stone pavings and stone houses with tiled roofs and wooden balconies make up the image of the traditional village.

Dimitsana attracts many visitors every year, it is an ideal place for peaceful holidays in the nature, offering unique sightseeings and many sport activities, like trekking, rafting in Lousios and many more.


Karytaina, a picturesque and historical village of Arcadia.
Kolokotronis used Karytaina as a base and succeeded in gathering the Greeks and ispired them with the concept of liberation. Karytaina is currently a listed settlement. What also impresses visitors in addition to slab pavings, stone houses, and old churches is the medieval castle dated to the 13th century. Karytaina is 53km from Tripoli and 19km from Megalopoli.


An ideal place all year long. The landscape consists of stone houses, and narrow paths, firs, cool air, and springs. Among them, beautiful cottages make their appearance, as do verdant lands ideal for walks.
Besides, fine wooden-carved objects are displayed in shop windows, whereas one will also admire the fine wooden-carved templons iconostases in the region's churches. At a distance of 14 km from Vytina you will find the Mainalo ski center.


A large mountainous village at the northern part of the prefecture of Arcadia at a height of 800m. It is a beautiful village set in a wonderful landscape. Levidi is the hometown of the politician and reformer Alexandros Papanastasiou. It is 25km from Tripoli. It has a population of over 1,000 and belongs to the providence of Martineia.