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Corinthia Prefecture Destinations: Corinth, Derveni, Isthmia, Kastania, Kiato, Korfos, Xylokastro, Lechaio, Loutra Oraias Elenis, Loutraki, Nemea, Stymphalia, Trikala Korinthias, Vrachati

The prefecture of Corinthia is the visitor's first contact with the Peloponnese.
The bridge of Isthmus of Corinth unites and also separates the two, while giving us a first taste of this land. Corinthia could present its visitors with the remarkable archaeological sites of ancient Corinth, Isthmia, Nemea and acient Sicyon in Kiato, a number of beautiful beaches, impressive mountainous landscapes, as well as reputed hot springs and cosmopolitan areas. The prefecture shares borders with Argolida to the south, with Achaia to the west, whereas it has Corinthian and Saronicos bay coastlines to the northeast.