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Loutra of Kyllini

This is in an area dominated by the beautiful large beach and a forest of pine and eucalyptus trees. It has been reputed for the waters of its seven springs which can be miraculous for asthma, other breathing disorders, and rheumatisms since antiquity. The region is rather developed, and is located 41km to the northwest of Pyrgos.


Golden beach Arkoudi, is a famous sandy beach in Elis, located 1km from Kyllini, and is awarded with a blue flag. An excellent destination to enjoy the sun and the clear waters.

Zacharo - Kaiafa

The prefecture of Ilia is well-known for its fertile land, as well as its natural beauties. The wonderful Zacharo landscape is composed by the green of vines and olive trees, and the yellow of the corn. Kaiafas is among the most popular sites in the region since it combines pine trees with a vast sandy beach and clear blue waters. It is 26km from Pyrgos.
The nearby beaches are among the finest in the area.


Kourouta beach, is one of the most popular beaches in Ilia, only 3km from the town of Amaliada, rewarded with the Blue Flag. Attracts many tourists every summer, and offers several summer sports. It is the ideal place to spend your time on the beach, enjoying your coffee!