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Panagia Trypiti

Panagia Tripiti (Greek: Παναγία Τρυπητή) is an historical sacred shrine of Theotokos in the town of Aigio, Greece.It is one of the most important orthodox shrines of pilgrimage in Greece. The shrine is dedicated to the Mother of God of the Life Giving Spring. It is built on a steep cliff almost 30 meters high, near to sea .The many and impressive miracles which occur through the intercessions of the Virgin Mother have cansecrated the church in the conscience of the faithful as a national shrine. Thousand of believers, from all over Greece, arrive at Aigio on bright Friday every year, to get Panagia's grace and to get Her blessing. This day every year there is a procession of the Holy Icon through the streets of Aigio and it is an official religious holiday. The name Tripiti comes from the Greek word tripa (Greek: Τρύπα) meaning hole,cave, because the miraculous icon of Panagia was found in a hole in the rock. In the narthex of the church (which is on the ground floor) there is a spring of water (Greek: Αγίασμα).The faithful drink this water as a blessing since it is believed that it works miraculous cures.

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