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Kapsia Cave

The Cave of Kapsia is situated 1 kilometer from the village Kapsia, at the southwest edge of the plain of ancient Mantineia. It is part of a system of active and inactive sinks. In front of the entrance are three sinks. Inside the cave human bone material has been found, according to some researchers from people who drowned during floods in the cave. The cave was used by man during the Neolithic, Hellenistic period and the fourth to sixth century AD.

Castle of Paralio Astros

The castle located on the south summit of the hill called "Nissi" was built in the Medieval period and was later remodelled as a strong defensive complex. In the 18th century, the three Zapheiropoulos brothers, merchants living abroad, returned to their home town to fight for the Greek revolution and built their houses inside the caslte.
The 5th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities has restored the NW gate, the stairway leading to the central gate, and the crumbling sections of the enceinte.

Open-Air Water Power Museum

The Open-Air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana (Peloponnese) is a thematic museum centred on the importance of hydraulic power in traditional societies, which presents the basic pre-industrial techniques using water as their main source of energy to produce various goods.

In an area covering 1,000m2, in the midst of luxuriant vegetation and abundant streams, a complex of water-powered installations and machinery has been restored, so as to integrate them into a museum on waterpower. Each of the buildings housing the old traditional workshops has been renovated and now has a permanent exhibition whose thematic content concerns the workshop it is in: